International Circus Studies PhD Directors Network

Following the Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3’s circus program initiative (France), in collaboration with Concordia University (Canada) and Campinas University (Brazil), we are pleased to inaugurate the International Circus Studies PhD Directors’ Network.

Founding members:

The network’s objectives:

  • establish a bridge and resource for doctoral students working on circus topics,
  • establish and maintain sustainable networks between international programs and individuals engaged in circus studies doctoral training,
  • to share experience and methodologies,
  • to explore and position itself in the landscape of international circus research,
  • to meet, at least once a year, to share experiences and propose research activities and collaborations,
  • to support and contribute to the consolidation of circus research in graduate programs.

Who can join:
- anyone authorized to supervise doctoral dissertations at a university, and anyone who:

  • has successfully supervised or co-supervised a doctoral dissertation with a substantive circus topic until its completion and defense,
  • is currently supervising or co-supervising a doctoral dissertation with a substantive circus topic, or
  • wants to propose their candidature for consideration.